The Ultimate Bundle Set


The items included in this bundle are:


    CBD Oil 1000 mg (30 servings)

    USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil & CBG Oil


    CBD+CBG Pain Relieving Salve 4,000 mg (4 oz) Full Spectrum

    Our certified organic hemp was hand grown in the rich, pure soil of the Dakotas and processed with CO2 extraction in Colorado.
    At 4,000 mg our salve is much more potent and effective than the average 100 mg or 500 mg salve.
    So if you are looking to relieve discomfort and tension from injuries, old or new, while helping to soothe and support achy muscles and joints then this stuff if for you!


    CBG Oil 1000 mg (30 servings)

    USDA Certified Organic Full Spectrum CBG Oil. Known as ‘the mother of all cannabinoids’, CBG has demonstrated antifungal, antibacterial, antidepressant, and pain-relieving properties. New research shows promising effects for IBS and general gut health, including Crohn’s disease

    Our CBD & CBG Oils help to:

    • Relieve stress and tension
    • Relieve overwhelming and anxious feelings
    • Keep kids feeling calm, focused and ready to learn
    • Support deep, restful sleep cycles
    • Soothe discomfort and relieve tension from muscles and joints
    • Support healthy brain function and memory
    • Relieve digestive upset and nausea
    • Supports healthy cellular function
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    Ultimate Bundle of CBD oil, CBD-CBG pain-relieving salve, and CBG oil tinctresThe Ultimate Bundle Set