Refunds, Cancellations, Lost or Damaged Packages


We understand that you may need to return a product.  Should you feel the need to do so, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to initiate the process.  Please contact us at and we would be happy to assist you.  Limited to one return or exchange per customer.  We do not take returns based on taste.  We typically process approved return/refund requests within 2-3 business days.

Lost Packages

If a package is lost after whipping, which does occasionally occur, Dakota Organics will not be responsible if the tracking information lists the order as “delivered” which means UPS of the courier service delivered the product to the address specified.  If the package is sent to an address other than the one you specified, upon return of the orignial package to Dakota Organics, Dakota Organics will reship the order.  Please note that Dakota Organics is not responsible for errors of USPS or courier services, or if you provide or confirm an incorrect address. It, therefore, is very important that you ensure that the address you give to us is exactly correct, as any mistake could delay delivery and will entail extra expense to you.

Defects or Damaged packages

We allow five days from the date of delivery to notify us if there is any type of damage to the product during transit. If we aren’t notified of damages within the five-day window, it is understood that the package and products were in good condition upon delivery.


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