the dakota difference

Are all CBD brands the same?

The short answer is: no!  Some are okay, others good, and a handful that are great… but there are several that can be downright dangerous… Considering that CBD is taken primarily to improve one’s health, it is extremely important to know the difference!


Some CBD companies simply slap their brand on CBD that is sourced from various growers or other countries where growing and manufacturing processes are much less regulated, if at all. This can be very dangerous as you really do not know if what you're getting is actually CBD.

Contrary to some other brands, you can have peace of mind and confidence that every Dakota Organics CBD product is consistently pure and effective. We have direct relationships with organic growers who provide our starter 100% Certified Organic hemp plants. Every plant is hand-planted in our own rich and fertile organic soil in the Dakotas where no harmful chemicals or pesticides are used ever. Lastly, we partner with Rocky Mountain Extraction Services in Colorado who's organic triple CO2 extraction process is second to none.

O'Brien tending hemp plants in Dakotas

Certified Organic

Just like food, non-organic CBD can be harmful to our health.

In the words of the University of Arizona’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: “Organic foods are defined as those foods that are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation, genetic engineering, pesticides, or drugs... [which are] made to kill insects, weeds, and fungal pests that damage crops.”

When these chemicals are used during growing or processing, they end up in the CBD oil, which then ends up in your body. Here you are thinking you're doing something life-giving, but you could be doing more harm than good! Dakota Organics is 100% Certified Organic.

organic triple co2 extraction

The process in which CBD and other medicinal compounds are extracted from the hemp plant has a significant impact on the CBD's quality, safety, and amount of healing properties. Some extraction methods can leave harmful chemicals and solvents behind which can be harmful for your body - not good. Many brands on the market use these harmful types of extraction, Dakota Organics does not.

It is important to us that our CBD remains completely organic and abundantly medicinal, which is why we chose to collaborate with Rocky Mountain Extraction Services in Colorado. They are one of the only USDA Certified Organic extraction facilities - their high standards and clean triple CO2 processing make them second to none. Every batch of hemp is first tested to ensure no trace of pesticides, heavy metals, or toxins. As expected, Dakota Organics passed!

Hemp CBD extraction services at Rocky Mountain Extraction Services in Colorado
hand grown organic cbd hemp

100% hand grown & harvested

Nearly 100 years ago when Grandpa Mike established our farm in Britton, South Dakota, everything was hand grown. Although the process requires a massive amount of determination and grit, the reward is often much sweeter...

When it comes to hemp and CBD, there is a significant difference in quality. For example, machine trimming is much faster, but you often lose a good portion of the hemp bud's medicinal benefits which is stored in the resin and terpenes that cover the outside of the flower - the first of which to get lost in a machine trimmer.

Removing buds and leaves from each stalk by hand literally took hundreds of hours, but the entire O’Brien family had fun helping, including the grandparents and all of our kiddos.

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