Organic Medicinal CBD from our family farm to you!

On the windswept plains of north eastern South Dakota, there’s a 3rd generation farm that has been in our family for almost 100 years!  As is true of most of the farms surround it, our farm has always raised cows and grown corn, soybeans and wheat.  Until now!

What our Customers are Saying

I have a traumatic Brain injury or TBI caused from an aneurysm in June of 2006.  I had to undergo a full craniotomy to repair damage to my carotid artery.  I was left with insomnia and I have been miserable for 15 years.  I have tried the CBD oil and found is has been a life changer for me!  It continues to help me with a good sleep.  So important for a TBI survivor!!

Janette C.

My Dad has been using Dakota Organic’s for a little over a month now, in the past he has tried numerous expensive CBD’s and didn’t feel like he got the desired effects.  After taking this cost friendly CBD…  within days he said things like “I feel really good today” “my neck & shoulders don’t bother me that much”!  His blood sugar has also been more regulated as of late.  He has only changed one thing & that was his CBD! The smell & taste of this cost friendly CBD is clean & pure!  He has definitely found his new effective CBD.  Thanks Dakota Organics!!

Diane M.

After surgery went wrong 4.5 years ago I became paralyzed from my waist down thus becoming a full time wheelchair user.  Over the past year I’ve been experiencing severe pain in my hip and knee at night when trying to lay down to go to bed.  After sitting all day in the wheelchair in a 90 degree position, laying down had become an hour or longer process.  

I started taking the CBD to hopefully ease my hip/leg pain and am pleased to say it absolutely helps!  I take about 100 mg a day and have seen a significant difference in only 3 weeks!  In addition, the CBD oil made my neuropathy much less intense!

Kathy F.

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