When we decided to try our hand at growing CBD hemp, all 3 generations were happy to jump in! Every step of the way, from the planting to tending all the plants by hand, to harvesting, everyone in our family, from the very youngest grandchild at 2 years old to the oldest, (Grandpa at 72 years old) got involved! Not only did we have fun doing it, but we set out to grow some of the purest and highest quality medicinal CBD and CBG available today!


On top of being USDA Certified Organic Hemp, we planted on a field that hadn’t been planted in at least 70 years (or ever as far as anyone can remember!) Where most soil has been over-planted and stripped of its nutrients, the rural Dakota farm land is rich, black soil loaded with nutrients, making this organic hemp, the absolute best!!! If you’re suffering from anxious feelings, difficulty sleeping or pain and inflammation, we strongly urge you to try our products!

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